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Brain-Body Connection with GuruNischan

​Brain-Body Connection with GuruNischan We all store and imprint memory, blueprints, and data, from everything we have seen, heard, witnessed, and experienced. It effects your daily operating system and over time it can make your internal systems sluggish and malfunction.  GuruNischan is an emerging thought leader in the area of holistic health and psychological trauma release. […]

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Reducing Mental Health Stigma for Youth with Eli Brown

Reducing Mental Health Stigma for Youth with Eli Brown In this episode, we discuss mental health stigma and how it impacts youth with Eli Brown. Today, 1 in 3 youth suffer from some form of mental health issue. Two out of three suffer in silence due to fear of rejection and alienation. These issues range […]

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Turn Fears Into Allies with Tom Corner

​Turn Fears Into Allies with Tom Corner During this episode Tom Corner shares insights into how virtually anyone can not only get to the other side of fear, but make fear their ally.  Understanding our fears enables us to face them. Whether your currently not doing what you truly want, not getting what you deserve, not […]

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Laura Burton

Excel in Life and Sales with Laura Burton

​Excel in Life and Sales with Laura Burton In this episode, sales expert Laura Burton shares her extensive experience in sales and how sales correlates with living an extraordinary life.  Laura is the author of the book “12 Secret Sales Hacks”. She helps entrepreneurs improve their sales game so they can grow their business and reach […]

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Mental Health and Technology with Dr. Julie Kinn

​Mental Health and Technology with Dr. Julie Kinn ​In this epidsode, we discuss the power of technology and how it is being used to improve mental health with veterans and their families.  Dr. Julie Kinn is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years of experience researching and implementing health technology for suicide prevention and other […]

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Anthony Treas, MPH

Mental Health Is Health with Anthony Treas, MPH

Mental Health is Health Mental Health Awareness Month is a time to bring attention to the many aspects of mental health. Mental health is health and our mental health impacts every aspect of our life. It is time to rethink mental health and how we can help and support people in this area.  In this episode, […]

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Silke Glaab

From Stress to Optimal Performance with Silke Glaab

From Stress to Optimal Performance with Silke Glaab Stress is a part of our every day life, however, too much stress can be debilitating and cause ill health.  My next guest brings her expertise in working with change makers and world leaders on how to manage stress so they can enjoy their careers and life. Silke […]

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Zack Hudson

Emotional Intelligence with Zack Hudson

​Emotional Intelligence with Zack Hudson Whether you would like to improve your health status, relationships, career, or increase your wealth, emotional intelligence will take you to that next level.  In this episode, Zack Hudson, provides insight into the pillars of emotional intelligence and how you can develop it.  After listening to this episode, you will have a […]

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Porn Addiction, Consequences, and Recovery with Joshua Shea

​Porn Addition, Consequences, and Recovery My guest today is bringing to light an addiction people are not willing to talk about. This addiction is destroying marriages, friendships, careers, and overall life satisfaction. Men are struggling with this addiction at an alarming rate. More importantly, our younger generation who have grown up with the internet are […]

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Determination | Going the Distance 5/6

STRONG Men Podcast Available on iTunes and Stitcher

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