November 17, 2021

George Stoimenov

'The reason why the world lacks unity and lies broken and in heaps is because man is disunited with himself' -- Ralph waldo Emerson.

Tough Decisions Every Man Must Make

We live in a world that is growing more and more divided each day. But the truth is, this division has always existed around us...because it has always existed in our inner self.

As men today, we have two choices: to address the problem that is within us and embark on a journey of integration or to do nothing and project it onto those around us, continuing the tragic cycle of creating outside of us the reflection of what has already happened inside.

Tough Decisions Require The Willingness to Be Honest With Yourself

We often put off what we are afraid or uncertain of. The willingness not to confront the choice is often because of fear. As men, we must face our deepest fears and be willing to accept the outcome.

The greatest fear we hold is being honest with ourselves and each other. As men we can help each other and hold each other to a higher standard; a standard of mutual respect.

The Real Cause of Fear

The fear many men have steams from early childhood development. We often believe childhood experiences don't fade us when we become adults. The reason this is not true is because of our brain.

The minute a man is born, he is trying to make sense of his world. Is it safe? Is it kind? Is it loving? 

No one thinks much of the brain because perhaps because it is internal. Much like we don't think of our arteries when we are eating unhealthy.

If a baby is born and lives under unsafe conditions, without love and care, with physical abuse, his brain will develop in a way to survive these conditions. 

The baby boy grows into a world he perceives unconsciously that it is unsafe, harmful, and without true love. 

This can only cause one thing, strife. Fear, anxiety, depression, and most of all unfulfillment as a man.

This episode is a little longer than usual. We covered some deep issues that we both have faced. 

Take the time to listen to the entire conversation, and if you have other men that you care about, please share this episode with them.  

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Anthony Treas

Anthony is an Iraq War veteran and on a mission to radically improve men's health and mental wellbeing. He coaches men on how to step into their purpose and live a more fulfilling and happier life.

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